A line of subheading text Nurturing Landscapes for over 30 years Request a quote   I would like to begin this note by sharing with you how lovely your staff is, and what a pleasure it's been to work with you this season.  We're hoping you feel the same about us! The lawn looks great.  The staff was always prompt and seemed to keep an eye out for what needed to be done.  The garden offered us wonderful moments . . . to enjoy the hard work of your staff.  If we had a need, it was met immediately and with ease.  In all, we hope you like us as much as we like you! fjdskla © All Rights Reserved Fleck’s Landscaping 2010 © All Rights Reserved Fleck’s Landscaping 2010 Prompt communication.  Friendly attitudes.  Great rates.  Professional work.  Completed as scheduled.  What more can anyone want!  Thanks The Landscaping Supervisor came by . . . and he was very cordial, accommodating and went out of his way to make me a happy homeowner.  The Supervisor replaced the plant in the front and he gave me an extra plant for the back.  Please convey to the Owner that I’m very pleased with the prompt response, cooperation and the attention given to my property. I have been remiss in not writing to you.  Every single person who has walked into our house this spring has pronounced the garden "gorgeous" (including my 40 year old stepson, who never comments on aesthetic matters).  We both enjoy looking at it every day.  Thanks.